Best place to visit in London, UK

A trip to the capital of Great Britain will definitely be incomplete if you don’t visit the best places in London.

London is a well-known city which is famous for its history, culture, nightlife, shopping and the energetic capital of the United Kingdom is a place that will surely leave you breathless.

There are world-class museums, amazing art galleries, and the global cuisines add much to the city’s appeal. With so many things to do and visit in London, it is quite difficult to choose where to start the trip. If you are confused and stuck between the attractions of this city then this article might help you out.

The London Eye

The London Eye is no doubt, the world’s most attractive and iconic Ferris wheel was built to mark the millennium celebrations in London and from that day it is considered as London’s most foremost attractions. 

The glass capsules attached to the wheel rise up to almost 443 ft above the Thames and here you will get the most splendid and beautiful view of the city. The whole ride on this Ferris wheel is about 30 minutes. 

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – Making of Harry Potter

This place is always been a delight for all the Harry Potter fans as it will give you a behind the scenes look about how the movie was made and it will take you through some of the most amazing and magical looking sets. The visitors can also take a guided tour or if they don’t want to then they can explore the place by themselves. This place has many beautiful places just like those in movies such as the Great Hall. You can also get to know about the whole procedure of filming. 

London Dungeon

The London Dungeon is one of the most entertaining methods to go through the 1000 years of history of London. Visitors can walk through the Dungeons from one show to another and hence they will get a sense of historical events in a live-action of manner. This dungeon is followed by a guided tour of actors, and you can also get a chance to visit the dark hisrtrott and famous characters such as Sweeny Todd.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is one of the most popular points of attractions in London. It is an iconic place which has been associated with Christianity since the seventh century and it has been a witness to many of the burials and coronations, this place is a must-visit attraction for all the people who are planning to go to London.

This place gained much popularity because it is also a preferred site for Royal Weddings. 

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is also known as the Royal Botanic Gardens. It is an incredible place to catch the sunshine in London. Kew Gardens is located in the southwest of London near the banks of river Thames. It is a 300-acre place which is perfect for wandering along with your loved ones. Every year a massive amount of musical and cultural events are held here.

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