Things to pack for a wintertime destination

When going to a winter wonderland you need a lot of things to keep out the winter. If you’re going to where its snow, always pack things that are warm. Some people don’t like the cold. If it’s your first time and doesn’t know many layers of clothes to pack. Here the list of things needs to know when going on a winter destination. 

What can be in your bag:

  • 2-3 thin shirts 
  • 2-3 sweats tops
  • Warm jacket
  • Or one wool jacket 
  • A pair of snow boots 
  • Two pair of leggings 
  • Short boots
  • Gloves, hat or a knitted headband 
  • Pair of jeans always your leggings must fit underneath 
  • A lot of warm socks 

What to wear on the plane?

When going to a winter destination you need to be prepared for the cold. On the plane wear some snow boots, a coat, scarf, use a blanket and a pillow on the cold flight. Always wear something warm when going to a place where it’s cold. 

Winter sport gear 

It is always fun to play in the snow. If you like to go hiking, try hiking on the snow. For that, you need to wear hiking pants (don’t forget to wear leggings) wear a jacket, gloves, a warm hat, a rain jacket and sweats and hiking boots 

The other thing to bring is a snowboard. This is a fun thing to do, is to ski down the mountain. With that need to bring some gloves and goggles (buy some vision proof to help you when it snows and rain), facemask, helmet, ski socks, body armor. If you want you but on a body, camera to take shots of a video, to look at the way you are skiing, thermic Heated Ski insole to help your toes not to frees.

When going to a winter destination you don’t want to frees but to be warm. Snow is under freezing point and doesn’t like the cold.  When going to a snow place always pack a number of clothes and a jacket. If you like skiing in the snow bring your snowboard with hiking gear. Always stay warm and if you like you can bring a heated bag with you to keep your hands warm.  Kids also love to have a snowball fight or build a snowman (you are never too old to do it). And don’t forget to drink coffee or hot cacao  

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